We research how systems & interfaces make interactions more engaging.

Game Design

We are researching technologies for future entertainment applications to improve games as well as other forms of media and computer entertainment. We are also applying gameful design techniques to develop more engaging computer systems (e.g., serious games, gamification). Learn More»

Affective Computing

We develop interactive entertainment systems for novel user sensing technologies, especially physiological sensors. We develop computing sys­tems that rec­og­nize the phys­i­o­log­i­cal state of the user and we design appro­pri­ate sys­tem responses for a more nat­ural inter­ac­tion. Learn More»

User Experience

We analyze user inter­ac­tion in enter­tain­ment sys­tems by combining user research techniques, such as ques­tion­naires, inter­views, and phys­i­o­log­i­cal sen­sors. This includes developing sophisticated visualization and data analysis game evaluation tools. Learn More»
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